Alexander Ebner (TIG System Engineer) and Artur Kolakowski (TIG Consultant) joined the LIT team in October 2020 for a TIG authentig training, enabling them to use TIG authentig for their production trials.

In the LIT Factory TIG connects ENGEL injection moulding machines, an Erema recycling machine and other devices to make the smart factory a reality.


5 Personen vom Unternehmen Tig

From left to right:

Assoc. Prof. DI Dr.mont. Jörg Fischer, Daten Analyse Recyclingprozess
DI Dr.tech. Klaus Straka, Daten Engineering und Analysen LIT Factory
Artur Kolakowski, TIG Consultant
Dr.tech. Thomas Mitterlehner, MSc, Daten Engineering und Analysen Spritzgießen
DI Matthias Schmid, Daten Engineering Spritzgießen und Analysen Spritzgießen
Alexander Ebner, TIG System Engineer TIG


Attendees not on the picture:

DI Eva Kobler, Daten Engineering und Analysen Spritzgießen
Thomas Kranzl, Auftragsplanung
DI Dr.tech. Christian Marschik, Daten Engineering und Analysen Extrusion


JKU: https://www.jku.at/en/

LIT: https://www.jku.at/en/linz-institute-of-technology/

TIG Logo

Contact person for the press:

Eva Wörnhörer



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