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Reporting analysis – key figure analysis with TIG

Date: 15.07.2021
Time: 3:30 pm (CEST)
Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Erol-Kurt Yurtluk (TIG) with Dominic Hergesell (Röchling)
Language: German

TIG authentig offers a variety of different evaluation approaches: live key figures, preconfigured standard evaluations, a well-founded "drill-down" analysis of your downtimes or dashboards of business intelligence tools in conjunction with further data. Familiarise yourself with the multitude of options in TIG.

Target group: Managing directors, plant managers and production managers, and all persons who are involved with key figure analysis on a daily basis.


TIG smart production platform – Seamless integration of your MES data into your IT infrastructure

Date: 16.09.2021
Time: 2:30 pm (CEST)
Duration: 30 min
Speaker: Erol-Kurt Yurtluk (TIG) with Loukas Leonardos (Kotronis)
Language: English

Your MES data are the basis for your shop floor. But you also generate further data in other areas. In this webinar, we will be looking into use cases to show you how you can use the TIG smart production platform to easily design the data transfer to, e.g., Big Data applications or other systems.

Target group: Plant managers, IT, data analysts and everyone who deals with artificial intelligence in the enterprise


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Streaming Analytics – artificial intelligence in production

Date: November 2021 
Speaker: Erol-Kurt Yurtluk (TIG) with Michael Aichinger (DAIM)

In this webinar we will be looking into state of the art approaches to closing the gap between existing process knowledge in your production and artificial intelligence. Learn how to get on top of quality issues and achieve higher process stability.

Target group: Plastics processors looking to leverage all options for boosting their production efficiency.

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