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    The TIG Academy is TIG's new training program for customers and partners. We guarantee high professionalism and excellent quality in our comprehensive training programs and stand for the individual and personal touch in the implementation and support of our offers. With our proven team of experts, we manage to meet customer needs individually.

    It makes absolutely no difference whether you are just in the project introduction phase or have been a "power user" for years - we work out a tailor-made concept with you, concentrating on maximizing the existing potential with the help of the diverse TIG solutions.

  • Our customers take center stage

    Our advanced training programs focus on your specific business goals. For our coaching we will work out a training plan and draw up an agenda around the needs of our customers. The basic training gives you an outline of topics and that accounts for about half of what we could cover. The rest is adjusted, tuned and added, based on the specific needs of your own company.

    Normally we set an appointment with one of our training experts a few weeks before. We ask about the level of knowledge and skills the team already has (after all, there's no point in covering familiar ground if we can introduce something extra). From here we revise the training structure, and look at other aspects we can deliver to increase their level of knowledge.

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Basic training:

  • Get to know the scope of your modules
  • Tips & Tricks for your daily work
  • Administration and preparation of data

The basic training lays the ideal foundation for the training program, especially for new employees and during the introductory phase.

Advanced training:

  • In consultation with you, the training is tailored to your specific needs and you'll get an even deeper look into the functionality of the individual modules

Benefit from more than 25 years of expert experience in the implementation of digitization and MES projects. 

Do not hesitate and contact us today for your individual training concept, either on site or in our training center:

Our advanced training portal is available at:

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