• Professional and individual:

    Our consultants have many years of experience in the injection moulding sector and are absolutely familiar with your requirements and your daily challenges.
    In a comprehensive analysis, we obtain a professional picture of your production and your processes.
    We record the actual situation and derive customised improvements individually for you. Our objective is to empower you to work more efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

  • Your customer benefits:

    Would you like to know where you stand today, and how to tackle your digitalisation project? Do you lack the resources to leverage the full potential of TIG authentig and the acquired data? This is exactly where we come in with our consulting strategy, no matter what stage you are at. Whether this is at the very beginning, before the introduction or already one step beyond.

    We show you the path you need to take in the world of digitalisation in order to use TIG tools profitably.

Determination of digital maturity level

How high is your materily level in your production area?

Are you considering introducing a digitization solution or taking the next digitization step? This workshop uses modern assessment methods to determine the level of digital maturity of your company and to what extent the prerequisites for digital transformation are already in place.

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MES project management

How to implement TIG authentig despite a lack of internal resources?

To grant a successful introductory project of the system, TIG will provide an experienced and highly skilled project manager as staff augmentation at your service. The TIG project manager will take over a substantial part of the project administration internally at your company and will be responsible for the communication between the stakeholders (TIG, other suppliers etc.). Project planning, organization and realization will be taken over comprehensively.

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Process Parameters | Module A: Injection Molding

Which parameters are relevant and how can they help optimize the injection molding process?

In this module, the basic aspects of the injection molding process will be covered. Besides the relevant process parameters and their impact on product quality, flaw patterns and according disturbance variables will be part of this section. The start will mark the process parameter tracking by using TIG authentig.

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Process Parameters | Module B: Interpretation

How to interpret injection molding parameters in the context of my individual production process?

Injection molding process parameter are depending on circumstances like mold/tool, raw material, machine. In general, this workshop will deal with the basic settings of the machines and the quality relevant parameters, in order to prepare them for data analytics.

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