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Person in charge of information technology

  • Is your MES seamlessly integrated into your IT infrastructure via standard interfaces?

    Yes, because "TIG authentig" provides efficient standard interfaces (amongst others a certified SAP connector), which can be used to exchange data bidirectionally with complementary systems. Low adaption costs and a quick "go life"

    Are users assigned to roles based on needs and do they have precisely defined user rights?

    Yes, because already in its basic versions "TIG authentig" supports almost unlimited creation and assignment of various user roles. This approach covers all applications and gets further extended by a skill matrix defining professional qualifications limitable in time.

    Is the technology of your MES ready for release-based deployment and can it therefore be updated easily and resource-efficiently?

    Yes, because "TIG authentig" is a standard MES software. The development is based on scrum principles with predefined release cycles. Great importance is attached to quality (UI tests and extensive testing), because the software gets rolled out worldwide in large numbers by update processes. Due to the periodic installation of updates you continuously get to use extended functionality!

  • What about modernity, capacity and system performance?

    "TIG authentig" is a software newly developed from scratch which can be used both "on premise" as well as cloud- and web-based. It meets all industry 4.0 requirements and supports an optimal realization of modern production concepts, such as "big data", "internet of things" and "software as a service". Thanks to modularity, scalability and short setup times "TIG authentig" from TIG facilitates a successful entry into the smart factory of the future.

    Which parts of the MES must be executable on premise and which on a platform or from the web?

    "TIG authentig" is designed to run onsite all time- and availability-critical parts of the software, while all other functionality (e.g. monitoring, or providing the WebOEE and other KPIs) is available on platforms or as an app. Perfect combination of high uptime (process data for traceability) and contemporary trends (e.g. a monitoring app reporting critical machine states)

Person in charge of planning

  • Can you ensure that you always use the best possible combination of personnel and production resources for a margin-optimised production?

    Yes, because "TIG authentig" detects the ideal combination of personnel and production resources. "TIG authentig" uses this knowledge for releasing orders and immediately presents the best variant. An optimal combination of personnel and production resources also guarantees an optimised production in the long term.

    Do you have the necessary flexibility for quickly changing delivery and capacity situations?

    Yes, because with "TIG authentig" you will be able to plan and reschedule in a well-structured way. Your planning effort is manageable and transparent, not only if it comes to planning "by hand", but also through the use of the intelligent optimisation algorithm. "TIG authentig" makes it possible for you to see capacity bottlenecks and free availability.

  • Are shortest possible setup times, straight to the point delivery dates and optimised inventory "on track"?

    Yes, because "TIG authentig" immediately recognises existing optimisation potential in your production and exploits it right away. This optimises setup times, increases adherence to delivery dates, reduces lead times and minimises inventories. Optimising these potentials also ensures a profitable production in the long term.

    Is the interaction between your ERP-system and the detailed planning in the MES
    guaranteed by a standard interface?

    Yes, because "TIG authentig" has its own standard ERP interfaces (amongst others a certificated SAP connector), which can be used to transfer both core data and transaction data in both directions. "TIG authentig" provides a closed circuit between production, MES and ERP.

Person in charge of quality control

  • Can you ensure that all process parameters and parts characteristics can be recorded without any gaps and checked at any time?

    Yes, because with "TIG authentig" process parameters and parts characteristics can be gathered, analyzed and documented without a gap. This leads to constant control of production quality and long-term documentation. Validity in case of claims arising from product liability claims, due to gapless traceability

    Are you able to identify scrap on time?

    Yes, because "TIG authentig" offers intelligent process monitoring. By defining threshold values an e-mail notification system can be activated. The system immediately becomes active whenever the predefined tolerance limits are violated. Immediate information about tolerance violations reduces scrap.

  • Can you assure that only accurate setup datasets, released by the QM department, are called up on the machine control, without exception?

    Yes, because with "TIG authentig" you command an efficient configuration data archive which makes "private datasets" or USB memory sticks obsolete. Only archived and QM-released datasets can be retrieved at the machines. Even modifications of target values at the machine are archived through a logbook and thus can be traced transparently. Constant machine settings ensure a continously high level of quality in production.

    Can you make certain that all the preventive maintenance of your equipment is performed according to directions and within the predefined intervals?

    Yes, because "TIG authentig" comes with its own maintenance module. Every single part of the manufacturing equipment is subject to regular maintenance work, which is automatically taken into consideration within the scope of the planning process. All maintenance work is documented and traceable at any time. Consequent planning and execution of maintenance work leads to a prevention of downtime and at the same time ensures a continued high level of quality and adherence to delivery dates in production.

General Manager

  • Are you able to constantly identify your potential to increase productivity?

    Yes, because "TIG authentig" immediately captures downtime in production due to cross-linked production equipment. Capturing downtime reasons makes it possible to precisely identify downtime causes. Thus, weak points in your production can be identified and eliminated right away. Continuous improvement process continuous increase in productivity.

    Are your customers' high quality standards secured in the long term by your production quality?

    Yes, because with "TIG authentig" process parameters and parts characteristics will be captured, analysed and recorded without any gaps. As a result, you will be able to constantly monitor production quality and ensure complete documentation in the long term. > Immediately identify and eliminate scrap

    Are you competitive at your location and within the corporation?

    Yes, because with "TIG authentig" you will maximise productivity, constantly improve quality and get informed about important key figures at the touch of a button.
    > Important key figures provided "to go" Increased decision-making ability

  • Can you ensure "green production" and environmental responsibility?

    Yes, because with "TIG authentig" energy consumption of all production equipment can be measured. Energy waste is identified immediately. You will avoid peak loads and use measured values for negotiating with energy suppliers. > Sustainable production and lower energy costs

    Do you know whether your production equipment is subject to continuous maintenance?

    Yes, because "TIG authentig" has its own maintenance module. All the production equipment is subject to maintenance on a regular basis. By this, you will easily be able to comply with high quality standards. Automatically scheduled maintenance reduces downtime.

    Are you able to provide your customers with exact to-the-minute information on the status of their orders and delivery times?
    Yes, because "TIG authentig" offers an efficient and detailed planning module, which constantly records quantities and machine times. The rough planning process is done on the ERP system and then imported via the interface. On that basis, the dispatcher then starts the fine planning process. By the exact to-the-minute target-performance comparison precise statements regarding delivery dates are possible at any time. You are at the pulse of production!

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