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  • TIG authentig – the MES-solution for the plastic industry

    Adherence to schedules, cost reduction and resource optimization are requirements that modern manufacturing companies have to face these days, in order to better survive a world of digital upheaval. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) play a key role in the factory of the future. TIG authentig is the modular MES-solution for the plastic processing industry. More than 350 customers from the automotive industry, medical technology, electrical and packaging industry rely on the innovative industry solution of TIG with over 10.000 networked injection molding machines, rubber machines or recycling machines.

    Focal point: "smart production – solutions"

    Long-term success is no coincidence, but the result of making the right decisions in product and market development. With the newly developed MES solution TIG authentig you will have your production under control and make trend-setting decisions! At the touch of a button, cockpits customized for specific industries give TIG authentig MES users access to real-time productivity, delivery data and quality information throughout the enterprise. By providing an optimal link between the ERP system and production, TIG authentig integrates all manufacturing-specific data in a single system, thus driving measurable improvements in productivity, reducing the number of rejects and enabling high-quality process documentation.

  • Smart solutions for increased quality and economy

    Tailored to the specific requirements of the injection moulding industry, TIG authentig offers particularly deep vertical data integration, down to the level of individual cavities. The software creates transparency in order, for example, to optimally utilize the available capacity of a machine park, or to correlate productivity ratios with economic goals. The MES has a modular structure and can be precisely adapted to the individual requirements of the processor.

    Smart factory becomes reality

    Plastics processors will have an easy option for setting up communication between injection moulding machines, peripheral devices and the MES. They will no longer need special solutions for this. TIG authentig MES meets all Industry 4.0 requirements, ideally supporting the implementation of forward-looking technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Software as a Service. Deploying TIG authentig makes the smart factory a reality. It connects employees, intelligent warehousing systems, machine components and robots. This active machine communication simplifies value creation processes. Manufacturing planning and operational data are organized in a flexible, simple and scalable way to support task-oriented distribution. Innovative driver technology ensures trouble-free machine connections. TIG authentig impresses with state-of-the-art design and an uncomplicated, intuitive user interface.

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Get a live-overview of your production, thanks to high-performance industrial and production data acquisitions

Important features at a glance:

  • increase profit | reduce waste and machine downtimes
  • keep an overview | make decisions at the push of a button | always generate up-to-date OEE and KPIs
  • optimize production processes | eliminate weaknesses in production
  • reduce energy costs | visualize the energy consumption of machines
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Order Management

Fully graphic, multi-stage planning of the entire production chain

Important features at a glance:

  • customers order within short periods | planning results at the push of a button
  • multi-level planning grid | scheduling of interrelated work processes
  • standard ERP interface | order and master data, alarm and process data
  • personnel shortage | visualize personnel demand, promptly identify shortages
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Quality Process

Gapless recording and documentation of quality for processes and parts characteristics

Important features at a glance:

  • product liability | complete documentation of data for processes and parts
  • analyze scrap | critical analysis of processes and parts
  • prevent scrap | identification of trends, early optimization of processes
  • increase productivity | continuous improvement process (KVP)
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Quality Measuring

Statistical process control of parts parameters

Important features at a glance:

  • final inspection – manually | work with a selected workflow
  • create inspection schedules | illustrated instruction, step-by-step
  • central administration | all inspection results at a glance
  • all test records at the push of a button | act quick on quality demands
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Quality assurance and high availability due to preventative and continuous maintenance work

Important features at a glance:

  • continuous quality in production | additional services with deposited maintenance schedules
  • automatic observation of maintenance intervals | recording of production hours
  • don't miss maintenance obligations | recognize maintenance obligation before they take effect
  • maintenance logbook | maintenance proof and certification
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Visualize and archive settings and data records

Important features at a glance:

  • save settings and data records | save valuable knowledge
  • no limits | store and archive any number of settings and data records
  • a scheme creates trust | quick access to appropriate settings and data records
  • comparison between old and current version | differences are highlighted in the logbook
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Production Monitor

Production at a glance and transparency in all ranks

Important features at a glance:

  • focus on production | operating figures for employees
  • production as an image factor | modern, large displays with OEE and KPIs
  • information on the status of production | order progress and productivity
  • courage to create transparency | everyone knows about the quality of your work, including customers
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Quick and significant reports and analysis

Important features at a glance:

  • reports on OEE and KPIs | reports on shifts, days, weeks, month, etc.
  • decision support for investments | comparable operating figures
  • reports at the push of a button| pre-designed reports for fast results
  • report designer | create your own reports
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Datalyzer our new dashboard solution

Fully automated operating figures at a glance and personalized analysis specifically compiled

Important features at a glance:

  • cockpit for OEE and KPIs | for shifts, days, weeks, months, years, locations
  • decision support for investments | comparable operating figures
  • real-time analysis | create new cockpits on our own
  • high performance Business Intelligence (BI)
  • trans-sectoral operating figures | access to several data sources
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Save energy in production => strengthen your image

Important features at a glance:

  • peak load energy is expensive | reduce energy costs by means of energy-optimized planning
  • make the energy consumption visible | scheduled starting-up and heating-up processes
  • starting signal for „Green Production" | production with state-of-the-art technology
  • meet required environmental goals | ISO 50001 Energy Management


is the central working device for the shop floor staff.

Important features at a glance:

  • time-saving acquisition of important data
  • Relevant information is available digita
  • Operators can easily enter orders, setup processes, reasons for rejects or downtimes into the MES
  • supports paperless production
  • flexibly adaptable to the processes in your production

Click here for product pdf

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TIG shopfloor app

Production on your smartphone

Important features at a glance:

  • online overview of production on smartphones or tablets
  • essential operating data such as productivity, cycle time, reject rate or degree of efficiency
  • any number of accesses to production data
  • executable and configurable on any smartphone or tablet of the new generation

More Information about the TIG shopfloor app

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TIG authentig Connector for SAP Solutions

Digitalize your production processes with a powerful interface between TIG authentig and SAP.

The TIG authentig Connector for SAP Solutions allows to exchange production data between SAP and TIG authentig. This exchange is performed periodically or event-driven. The interface is embedded as an add-on in SAP.

More Information about TIG authentig Connector for SAP Solutions

tig software IIOT on ipad

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Integrate with our IIoT Device your older injection molding machines cost-effectively into your MES.

Important features at a glance:

  • DIN rail mounting directly in the machine's control cabinet
  • Low control cabinet space requirement - 12.5 x 104 x 72 mm per module
  • Integrated data buffering in case of network failure 
  • Cost-effective solution for any number of machines

Click here for the product pdf


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