“TIG authentig has helped us to find ways to better monitor and modernize our injection molding process, as we move forward towards Industry 4.0 era in the BIC Anixi Shavers plant. Through this system, we have discovered innovative ways to collect data throughout the process and solve any issues by making fact-based decisions, instead of following our intuition, which is almost never fail-proof.”
Yiannis Voultzatis SGM & Leiter Werkzeugwartung | BIC Violex S.A.
„TIG authentig is one of Ess Tec, Inc.’s central tools in both our future vision and the work we are doing today. Efficiency is increased by automatically collecting data and having that data readily available. Team members can then utilize vast unfiltered data effectively in response to issues and/or driving improvements. This transparency allows us to go after hidden problems and make data driven decisions not possible before.“
Elliot Essenburg Vice President | Ess Tec, Inc.
„Because of the use of authentig we are able to record the parameters of the injection process machine independent during the sampling of our moulds and we can provide our customers with these parameters. As a result we can record and analyze various test series electronically. This automated documentation and the evaluation possibility simplyfies the job of our injection moulding engineers and provides our customers with another benefit for the start of their production.“
Mag. Peter Peschl Unternehmenskommunikation | Haidlmair GmbH
„With real time information in our factory we are able to address issues before they become a problem and analyze data and trends allowing us to drive a higher OEE.“
Ryan Reinhardt Sr. Director, Operations | Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care Division
„Continuous expansions of ZKW’s production capacity lead up to use an MES System. Direct machine communication and integrated production planning make work easier and are the base for our business controlling. With the expertise of TIG, the digitization of our production sites in Austria, Slovakia, China and Mexico became reality.“
Roland Teufl Projektleiter MES | ZKW Group GmbH

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