We are delighted to be able to inform you that from now on, T.I.G. will be the youngest member of the ENGEL company group. ENGEL has bought 100 % of the business shares from T.I.G. and is therefore achieving another milestone in its 4.0 industry strategy.

For several years already, T.I.G. and ENGEL have been working closely with each other in the field of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Amongst other things, our new product authentig is also being successfully marketed by ENGEL, under the name e-factory. Both companies have decided to intensify this collaboration to implement "digital manufacturing", which is becoming increasingly important.

We are planning a lot together.

By 1994, T.I.G. had already developed one of the first MES systems for the plastic industry and therefore belongs to the pioneers of this field, just like ENGEL with the construction of injection moulding machines and the automation and integration of injection processes. Through close partnerships with machine manufacturers, T.I.G. understands the interlinking of injection moulding machines better than other MES suppliers do. With the strategic investor ENGEL, T.I.G. can more intensively promote the further development of authentig with high impact, and keep the MES independent and suitable for all interfaces.

What does the joining together of T.I.G. and ENGEL mean for you, our valued customer?

T.I.G. is managed under the ENGEL company group umbrella as an independent daughter organisation. T.I.G. and authentig remain as individual brands. It is of great concern for ENGEL that Wolfgang Frohner remains the T.I.G. director of the executive board in order to ensure continuity and sustainability for you.

Your contact persons remain the same. All contracts and agreements remain unchanged. The advantage of this merger for you is that in the future, you may count on us for yet more innovations in an even shorter amount of time!
We would be very happy if you continued to put your faith in us.

Kind regards,

Wolfgang Frohner (Engineer)
Executive Board

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Contact person for the press:

Eva Wörnhörer



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