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New Customers 2017





Technische Informationssysteme GmbH (T.I.G.) is an Austrian company based in Rankweil. T.I.G. has 20 years of worldwide experience in modern and innovative MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). The customer’s big benefit is a minute by minute status from their production equipment, human resources and quality assurance. T.I.G. solutions will provide a competitive edge.

In 2013 T.I.G. launches the new product “authentig”. The modern software architecture, the “state of the art”-technology and pioneering features guarantee the company’s growth of course. High quality products, professional consulting and maintenance contracts protect the customer’s investment in a long term.

T.I.G. sells its innovative hard- and software solutions worldwide. More than 300 clients from the automobile, medical, packaging as well as component and electronics manufacturing industries trust our competence and use the MES solution day by day.

While in the past, T.I.G. primarily supplied medium-sized companies, T.I.G. today is a strategic partner for a large number of big international corporations (Magna, ZF, Contitech, Vibracoustic).

Due to the strong expansion T.I.G. established subsidiaries in Vienna, Schwertberg, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

The T.I.G. MES system is a flexible and modular system which offers a high convenience from the beginning.